Sophie White, C.V. 2017                                       



MFA, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2017

BFA, The Cooper Union, School of Art, 2006



2017, Venture Fund Grant, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

2016, The Nokey Award, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

2015, MFA Merit Award, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

2015, Graduate Grant Award, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

2006, The Michael S. Vivo Award for Excellence in Drawing

2002, A four-year, full tuition scholarship to attend Cooper Union



Small Works, 11/17-12/17, Cerulean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Get it While It’s Cheap #5, 7/ 2017- 8/ 2017, Marginal Utility, Philadelphia, PA

Playbook, selected MFA work from PAFA and BU, 7/ 2017, On Stellar Rays, New York, NY

Happiness, Liberty, Life? American Art and Politics, 6/ 2016- 9/ 2016, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA

WE PAIN, 11/ 2015, Lumpxx, Raliegh, NC                                                                         

Let’s Be Real, 5/2015 Projekt 722, Brooklyn, NY                     

The Last Brucenniel, 3/ 2014, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY                                                                                       

Abreaction, 10/ 2013, Tri-Lox Workshop, Brooklyn, NY                                                                               

Lumpy Land, 10/ 2012, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                    

The Brucenniel 2012: Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer. 2/ 2012-4/ 2012, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY             

Magic Objects: Sophie White, 4/ 2011, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia, PA                                                                      

The Haunted Fridge, 2/ 2011, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia, PA

Miseducation: Brucenniel, 2/ 2010, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY



7/16    Dumfries House Artist Residency                                   East Ayrshire, Scotland

           (The Royal Drawing School)

9/14    The Golden Dome: The Magician                                     Woodstock, NY


Bands: (drums)

Three Elements (2017-)                                                                 Philadelphia, PA


West Boro Baptist Choir (2015)                                                     Philadelphia, PA


No Other (2014- 2015)                                                                  Philadelphia, PA


Tight Spots (2012-)                                                                        New York, NY


Lantern (2010-2012)                                                                       Philadelphia, PA


BunnyRat (2008- 2010)                                                                   New York, NY


Malcriadas (2005- 2007)                                                                 New York, NY